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A thriving research community

Pittsburgh’s innovation ecosystem powered by a vibrant, collaborative research community dedicated to solving tough problems. Our universities continue to build on a legacy of producing and commercializing cutting-edge fundamental research in Robotics, AI, Life Sciences, and other emerging sectors. Our research community is getting better and better at producing successful ideas quickly and efficiently – and we invite you along for the ride.

Explore our research community

Pittsburgh is home to two world-class research universities which have all evolved to complement each other’s strengths. Combined, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh produce cutting-edge research powering emerging technology in a wide range of commercial sectors.

Key Research and Commercialization Centers

Carnegie Mellon University

CMU is home to experts in a wide range of topics, with the world’s first higher education robotics program and the country’s oldest school of drama. The university’s full-spectrum research and development ecosystem has created over 150 companies, supported the launch of 400+ startups, and pioneered many of the key innovations powering our world today.

National Robotics Engineering Center

CMU Software Engineering Institute

CMU Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation

University of Pittsburgh

A research powerhouse by any measure, the University of Pittsburgh is consistently among the top U.S. institutions for NIH funding. Each year, Pitt brings in more than $850M in external research funding, generating over $4B of economic impact. In the last five years, the university has spun off 80+ companies leading the way in life-changing inventions and innovations. 

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pitt School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Pitt Innovation Institute

If you want to learn more about Pittsburgh’s research community, please reach out to Jason Griess at

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